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A mixture of pop, soul, and jazz can be found in the music of Mari Ova.
Mari is an indie singer-songwriter currently living in the Netherlands. 
Her music journey has been started when she was 5. 

During this time she:

  • Became a winner of 75 music competitions and festivals which took place in Israel, Russia, Armenia, Sweden, and the Netherlands;

  • Got her Bachelor's degree as a pop-jazz singer at the Rostov State of Rachmaninov Conservatory and Master's degree as a jazz singer at Prince Claus Conservatoire;

  • Became a member of Berklee Umbria Jazz Clinics and participant in Umbria Jazz Festival 2018;

In 2021, Mari became a member of the Jong Metropole Orchestra for the project with American singer Michele David and German conductor Ansgar Striepen.

At a different time, she had the opportunity to study and work with great musicians such as Jeff Ramsey, Dennis Mongomery III, Jim Rotondi, Marjorie Barnes, JD Walter, Michelle David, Seamus Blake and etc.

In September 2021, together with her band, Mari released her debut album "About Life Through Music", in which she showed herself not only as a singer, she showed her talent as a composer and arranger as well.

 Each song is a personal story that Mari shares with listeners. 

Since spring 2022, Mari has been collaborating with a Dutch sound producer GNTL with whom they already have managed to release several songs.


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