Russian-born fusion jazz singer and songwriter

Mari was born on October 10 in the Rostov region, Russia.

She began to sing on the stage when she was 5 years old.

She took part in the production of musicals together with Russian Children Musical Theatre “DoMiSolka”.

After school, she continued her studies at the Rostov State of Rachmaninov Conservatoire (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) at the “Pop and Jazz singing" department. In this time her teacher was Kryzhanovskaya Irina Mikhailovna.


Additionally, in 2018 she studied at The Berklee Summer School “Umbria Jazz Clinic”.


In 2019 Mari started to study on the Master’s program in the Prince Clause Conservatoire (Groningen, The Netherlands). Her vocal teacher was Marjorie Barnes.

By doing her Master's degree, Mari created and recorded her first  EP album, which is scheduled for release in September 2021.


At different times, she worked with such teachers:

Jeff Ramsey, 
Dennis Mongomery III, 
Patrice Williamson and etc.


Mari won more than 74 International and Russian music competitions and festivals:


  • Won the competition "Minsk-unity of talented people" - Minsk, Belarus, 2017

  • Won the competition "Kristianstad-2013" - Kristianstad, Sweden, 2013

  • Won the competition "Renaissance" - Gyumri, Armenia, 2017

  • Participated in the World Festival of Youth and Students,  Sochi, Russia, 2017

  • Won the competition "Southern wind" - Russia, 2018

  • Winner of the Rostov stage and finalist of the All-Russian stage of the Student Contest “Student of the Year - 2018” in the nomination “Talented person of the year”- Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Russia,2018

  • Semifinalist of the All-Russian Student Project “Univervision 2018”-Syktyvkar, Russia

  • Participant of the program "Russian access alumni association", Kaliningrad, Russia, 2018

  • The participant in in-person auditions TV-projects “Voice” (Russia) and “Voice UK”(The United Kingdom).


In October 2020 Mari became a member of the Russian Music Union.

In addition, Mari is a philanthropist.

She often performs at charity concerts.